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SoDA Sessions NYC

The New Normal: SoDA Sessions NYC 


Great event on the digital agency landscape of today. Panelists Bryan Falling(Razorfish), Frederic Bonn(Mirum), Leslie Bradshaw(Made by Many), Tamara Upton(Firstborn), and Michael Farmer(Farmer & Company) all gave tremendous insights about what's going on, where we are and most importantly where we are heading.

Key takeaways for me were C-level dudes and managers need to invest in their staff development to avoid spending like crazy hiring new staff. This resonated with me because I'm a firm beleiver of this stuff. I make my boss to pay me classes, books, Lynda, Pluralsight, etc, whatever I may need so I'm grateful for that(Moxie holla!). Another takeaway is that big, big, big agencies should be very nervous. The bigger fishes like Google, IBM, etc are taking your share in the market. On the other hand, having a small agency, with people wearing different expertly hats is the way to be. 


Cant wait for another event. Keep it up SoDA!





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