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MeasureCamp SF 2018

MeasureCamp SF 2018-Rafael Lopez.jpg

Now I finally know what's the deal with MeasureCamp, it's true that it is a great analytics event for networking and quality content. Saw an awesome data analysis vs data science kind of talk by June Dershewitz (Head of Data Governance and Analytics at Twitch), a cool one about data viz by Michele Kiss (Senior Partner at Analytics Demystified), another one about Google Analytics and Data Studio tricks by Alex Moore (LunaMetrics), more GA tricks and tips with Charles Farina (Analytics Pros), and my favorite one to close the day, definitely a fun one kind of like an analytics 'talk show' with beers and all by the man Trevor Fox. It was great meeting him in person because I've exchanged many LinkedIn messages with him when I needed advice on how to become more technical minded in analytics. I had a spreadsheet with a roadmap where I had steps I wanted to follow to learn more code and a few other things and he completely reorganized it for me. Trevor if you read this THANK YOU!

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